Peveril Rifle Club

We are a Shooting Club based in the Isle of Man at the Slieau Lhost Small Arms Facility on the Mountain Road; where our Members and their guests can shoot both pistols and rifles in various disciplines ranging from ISSF (Olympic and Commonwealth type competitions) to IPSC (practical pistol, rifle and shotgun). Peveril represent pistol shooting at the Isle of Man Target Shooting Federation which represents all shooting on the Island, the IOMTSF is affiliated to the Island Games Federation, the Commonwealth Games Association and Commonwealth Shooting Federation.

Peveril Rifle Club members can join our Facebook group Peveril Rifle Club Group.

Notice to Members:

Due to the volume of people using the ranges at present we’d like to remind you that once you have finished shooting you should leave the range so that only those shooting and coaching are there. This will help the safety staff run the range better especially as we have a few new probationary members. 

Regarding Guests:

Just a quick reminder: in order to bring a guest to the range you need to have been a full member for at least 12 months.

Please bring only one guest at a time. If you really have to bring more than one, you may only take one on to a range to coach/shoot at a time. As multiple guests are on or near the firing point it makes it incredibly difficult for range staff to monitor the firing points. In addition the additional noise from general chatter makes it difficult for range staff to be heard.