9mm Pistol


Pistol Any 9mm Semi-auto Pistol
Sights Any metal sights, can be adjustable and coloured. No optics allowed
Grips Orthopaedic grips are not permitted
Safety Any safety fitted must function correctly
Trigger The trigger must be safe in the opinion of the range officer
Position Both hands may be used to hold or steady the pistol
Ammunition 60 rounds to be supplied by the competitor
Target PS 14 one per competitor
Shooting Distance 25 metres
Rules This competition will be conducted in the spirit of ISSF regulations, each competitor is deemed to know the course of fire and regulations relating to the pistols and conduct of the competition.

Before the competition begins a series of sighting shots may be fired within a time limit of 150 seconds.

Course of Fire

Course 1 4 strings of 5 shots in 150 seconds per string
Course 2 4 strings of 5 shots in 20 seconds per string
Course 3 4 strings of 5 shots in 10 seconds per string

ISSF Rules and Regulations