Black Powder Pistol

Black Powder/Muzzle loading pistol competitions can follow either Precision Rules or Bow Street Runner Rules

Pistol Any muzzle loading revolver using black powder or Pyrodex and percussion caps with sights and grips that have not been modified.
Precision 13 shots in 30 minutes, no sighting shots. The best 10 shots on target to count.

N.B. For the purposes of this league it is not necessary to fire all 13 shots as long as there are 10 distinct hits on the target.

Firing position – Free standing off hand (single handed)

Target – PL7 at 25 metres or PL12 at 20 yards or equivalents

Bow Street Runner Match 25 Metre -12 shots in 12 minutes (to include reloading)

15 Metre – 12 shots in two strings of six, using turning targets with a two second face time

10 Metre – 6 shots using turning targets, two shots per 4 second face time.

Firing position either off hand or two handed grip, arms lowered to 45 degrees or more below the horizontal until target faces.

Target – DP2 or equivalent

Range Commands and procedures Precision – As per ISSF Free Pistol Rules

Bow Street Runner – As Per NRA PP1 rules