Classic Pistol

The Classic Pistol definition used at Peveril is based on the Anno Domini meeting at Bisley but the course of fire is defined by Peveril’s Competition Committee.

Eligible Firearms. Must be a breechloader of a pattern in production during or before 1918 and without significant modification. Minor alterations that could have been used in 1918 are permitted however rear sights must conform to the original design and not be adjustable. Grips must be of the same profile as the original factory production stock.

Revolvers, Colt SAA revolvers of modern manufacture (Italian, Swiss, German or American copies of the Colt Model 1872) and copies of the Remington M1875 are acceptable provided they comply with eligible firearms as defined above.

Self-Loading Pistols, the Colt 1911A1 and its variants are acceptable provided they are fitted with original combat type sights complying with our definition of eligible firearms.

Other firearms complying with our eligible firearms description designed and in manufacture prior to the Second World War can be used subject to the RO/Competition Committees approval.

Calibre, any centre fire pistol calibre round of a design available in 1918 (this excludes such calibres as .357, .44 and .41 Magnum and .454 Casual).

The competition is shot off hand (one handed) and at least one series is to be shot using both strong hand and weak hand. The firearm must not be raised above 45 degrees to the shoulder before the commencement of each series.