ISSF Sport Pistol

This is shot at Commonwealth and Olympic Standard as a Ladies Competition however at Minors it is mixed.

Pistol Any .22LR pistol or revolver which complies with the current ISSF regulations as specified for Ladies Sport Pistol..
Position This competition is shot off-hand (one hand, no support)
  1. International 50 metre precision pistol
  2. International Rapid Fire target
Shooting Distance 25 metres
Rules This competition will be conducted in the spirit of ISSF regulations, each competitor is deemed to know the course of fire and regulations relating to the pistols and conduct of the competition.

Before each stage of the competition begins a series of sighting shots may be fired.

Course of Fire

Series A 6 strings of 5 shots, five minutes for each string
Series B 6 strings of 5 shots, during each string the target will appear 5 times with a 3 second face time and between 5 and 7 second away time, if any shot is missed it can be made up in the last face but must be within the time limit.

ISSF Rules and Regulations