Police Pistol 1

Pistol Any Centrefire pistol or revolver .354 to .455
Sights Any metal sights, can be adjustable and coloured. No optics allowed
Grips Orthopaedic grips are not permitted
Safety Any safety fitted must function correctly
Trigger The trigger must be safe in the opinion of the range officer
Position Both hands may be used to hold or steady the pistol
Ammunition 30 rounds to be supplied by the competitor with with only 6 rounds loaded per stage of practice
Target P55/PAA (Elvis) one per competitor
Shooting Distance P1 25 metres, P2 15 metres, P3 10 metres
Rules N.P.A. Police Pistol 1 Rules apply

Pistols must be returned to the ready position – 45 degrees below the line of sight before each appearance of the target in practice 2 & 3

Scopes are only permitted for sighters

When the order “watch and shoot” is given, the competitor may put their finger in the trigger guard, but pressure must not be applied to the trigger until the targets are faced.

Course of Fire

Practice 1 @ 25 metres, 12 shots in 2 minutes – to include reloading
Practice 2 @ 15 metres, two strings of six shots. Turning targets will make six appearances of 2 seconds each with an away time of between 5 and 7 seconds
Practice 3 @ 10 metres, 6 shots, turning targets will make 3 appearances of 2 seconds with an away time of between 5 and 7 seconds, two shots at each appearance.