Service Rifle

Rifle Any centre fire service rifle.
Sights Any metal sights which may be adjustable, any colour.
Grips Only original pattern stocks may be used. Original pattern slings may be used for additional support.
Safety Any safety that is fitted must operate.
Trigger In the opinion of the Range Officer the trigger must be safe.
Position Depending on the Practice either standing, kneeling or prone, both hands must be used to steady the rifle. At no time during any practice may the competitor use any form of artificial rest.
Ammunition 40 rounds to be supplied by the competitor. Magazines to be loaded with only 5 rounds.
Targets Fig 11 reduced to scale for 50 metre on 1 foot screen.Targets changed after each practice
Shooting Distance All practices are shot at 50 metres.

Course of Fire

Practice 1 Standing slowfire (deliberate).
Target will make one exposure of 5 minutes. 10 shots to count. Figure 11 target on 1 foot screen with a central 2 inch band running vertically on the target scoring 5, remainder of Fig 11 target scores 4 and a hit on the screen scores 2. Practice HPS is 50
Practice 2 Kneeling Snap (shot twice).
5 exposures of 3 seconds only one shot fitred on each exposure. Target and scoring as practice 1. HPS 50.
Practice 3 Kneeling then Prone Rapid.
Two exposures of 30 seconds with 10 second interval, 5 shots per exposure. After first exposure competitor is to adopt the prone position and load a further 5 rounds. Target is half figure 11. HPS 50
Practice 4 Rapid Fire.
Two exposures of 20 seconds, 5 shots per exposure. Competitor starts in the prone position rifle loaded with five rounds, bolt closed and safety on. Target as practice 3. HPS 50