Club House

The plans for the club house are below. Please note these are rough drawings so don’t expect these to quite convey the final building as tweaks and material changes are possible.

The containers have been moved and the old club house has been demolished now. We expect the shell of the new club house to be completed late 2023. Sadly we’ve had some hang-ups but work is progressing.

It’s important to remember that we’re getting a shell built so when we do re-open to the new Club House it will still require much work and furnishings.

For pictures of the build and work undertaken please see our Build Log In Pictures

Update: 10/11/2023

Groundworks have started on the concrete pad.

Update: 04/09/2023

Well we’ve hit a bit of a snag with the concrete pad which has delayed the project from moving forward. It’s unclear how much this has set up back. It’s hoped that it’ll be resolved this week and we’ll be able to get the pad down as soon as possible.

Important to note: club equipment will not be available. Members are not bring guests and sadly our current Probationers will have to wait until Firing Points (on the 25m) are set up.

Update: 17/10/2023

After some delays the ground works due to start 1st November. Once the concrete is down and set construction of the build may commence. It’ll take a few weeks for the concrete to properly cure but the materials for the new building are now on site.

Update: 19/08/2023

Works are expected to complete late September. Until then shoot activities are suspended unless otherwise stated. Materials are on the way and groundworks have started, hopefully weather and delays are kept to a minimum. We’ve taken the opportunity to address some issues with the range and re-worked parts of the 50m range and are also updating the turning gear.

The Committee has voted to change the minimum visits for this year, please see Minimum visits and membership renewal. For our Probationary members caught up in this please see Probationary Membership Card Extensions. If we encounter delays we will re-evaluate the situation.