Probationers Course and Information

For those wishing to become members, the club runs a few Probationer Courses per year. We typically have around 10 places per course. The course consists of a safety and handling briefing followed by a practical section.

Once the course is concluded you will become a Probationary Member, where you will be restricted to .22lr. In order to qualify as a Full Member you must complete 12 visits within 6 month period. At which point your membership will be discussed by the club’s committee. It’s not uncommon that the Committee deem for an extension on a probationary period and feedback is given as to why.

If you are not be able to complete 12 visits within 6 months: you should notify the Membership Secretary with the reason why, this will be brought to the Committee and an extension will be discussed. Should you merely drop out, your Probationary Membership will expire and you will need to re-join the waiting list and re-take the Probationers Course.

To shoot anything larger than .22lr you will first need to prove your proficiency with a .22lr then you may speak to one of the Range Officers about progressing.

In order to maintain a high degree of safety we can only permit a certain number of Probationary Members at a time. As such we must wait until the current set of Probationers have progressed before we can host another Probationers Course and start the cycle again.

Notes about Full Membership

Once you have become a full member you will be eligible to apply for a Firearms Certificate. You will then need to complete 6 visits to the range each year. Failure to do so will result in your membership expiring and subsequently your Firearms Certificate (and/or items on it) will be called into question by the Constabulary’s Firearms Licensing Department.

How to get on the Probationers Course

If you wish to do the Probationers Course you’ll need to be put on our waiting list. Do do this, send an email to

Once on the list, you’ll be invited on to a course when it’s your turn.

It’s important to note that we have a large waiting list of people wishing to join the Club and we sadly have this large backlog due to Covid and our recent Clubhouse build project and simply cannot process it faster for the reasons above.

Courses are not advertised and notification is sent typically a month ahead, with a couple of weeks provided to gather responses. Failure to confirm within the timeframe stipulated on the email will result in an invite being sent to the next person on the list.