Underlever Rifle

Rifle Any centrefire underlever rifle in pistol calibre only, must have a minimum magazine capacity of 8rds.

Class 1

Optic sights

Class 2

Metallic sights


Any metal or optical sights which may be adjustable.


All rifles must have a safety that is fitted and operating.


In the opinion of the Range Officer the trigger must be safe.


All practices are shot standing


36 rounds to be supplied by the competitor.


P55/PAA (Elvis)Shooting Distance Practices are shoot at 50, 25, 15 and 10 metres.

Course of Fire

Practice 1

Standing 50m 8 shots in 60 seconds

Practice 2

Standing Snap 25m – 5 exposures of 2 seconds with 5 second interval, 1 round per exposure.

This practice is shot twice.

Practice 3

Standing Double Tap 15m – 3 exposures of 3 secs, 2 shots to be fired per exposure. Reload then 2 exposures of 3 secs 2 shots per exposure

Practice 4

Standing Rapid 10m – 3 exposures of 4 secs 8rds to be fired in total over all exposures.