Use of Black Powder

Peveril is an NRA Affiliated club and operates under insurance provided by the NRA.

The NRA have mandated an insurance driven requirement for use of Black Powder Rifles or Pistols – we will be required to ensure (and document) that any users of Black Powder on the range meet certain competency standards. Only shooters with this competency can shoot Black Powder on the range from January 1st 2024. Your 2024 membership cards will record this competency when granted – see Martin C or Ian H for more details. Martin and Ian have already received training from the NRA at Bisley so they can train / assess for this requirement.

This week we received notification from the NRA that a similar requirement is being brought in for handloaded ammunition. We are yet to finalise how and from when we implement this but will let you know when decided.

These are the latest of a series of new externally driven requirements – unfortunately our sport is unavoidably becoming more bureaucratic. There will likely be even more to come with a new IOM firearms act currently in development expected to add further obligations onto the club.