Visiting Us

If you are an Isle of Man resident and wish to shoot at the club, we follow the procedure below:

  1. Anyone wishing to visit the range who is not known to the Club
    should contact us via giving some information about yourself and the purpose of your visit.
  2. We will reply and arrange an induction course as and when we have a suitable number of people who wish to attend.
  3. At the induction course you will be shown the ranges and their features
  4. After seeing the ranges you will be given a full range safety briefing and an introduction to the firearms we use – this is initially a ‘classroom’ session then one to one mentoring until you are considered to be safe on the range without close supervision. If you wish to continue coming to the Club arrangements will be made for the RCO’s to expect you on the range and organise your supervision as required.

Alternatively, people can visit as a guest of a current member in good standing (this excludes Junior and Probationary Members who shoot under supervision) in which case the member must

  1. Only bring one guest at a time to the range
  2. Be fully responsible for their guests behavior on the range
  3. Prior to bringing their guest onto the firing point
    1. Ensure the appropriate forms are filled in and the guest has a photo ID available for the RCO
    2. Give their guest a full range safety briefing – this is the members responsibility not the RCO
  4. Supervise their guest at all times on the firing point – this requires the member not shooting whilst their guest is on the Range.

Please note, you can only visit Peveril Rifle Club 4 times before formally applying for membership.

You can find more information about Peveril membership here: Peveril Membership

Travel to the Isle of Man and Restrictions

The Isle of Man is a separate Jurisdiction to the UK having our own Parliament, Tynwald, which is the oldest continuous parliament in existence.

The Island is policed by the Isle of Man Constabulary, firearms legislation in the Island although similar in some respects to the UK is completely separate and any person traveling to the Island with a firearm and/or ammunition must obtain a visitors permit from our firearms licensing officer, please note air guns, shotguns and crossbows are regulated weapons on the Island and a visitors regulated weapons permit is required for any of them.

Some airlines permit the carriage of firearms and a limited amount of ammunition but this must be checked with the airline at the time of booking. The Steam Packet ferries can all be used to transport firearms but this must also be declared to the Steam Packet when booking; ammunition can only be carried on the Ben-My-Chree which sails from Heysham and a dangerous goods notice must be in the company’s hands at least three days before sailing.

The Steam Packet has sailings between Douglas – Isle of Man and Dublin, Belfast, Liverpool and Heysham (close to Lancaster) click here to link to the Steam Packet’s web site

The situation with Airlines serving the Isle of Man is dynamic and can change regularly to link to the Isle of Man Airport web site with a list of airlines and the town’s/citys they service click here