Peveril Membership


To become a member of the Peveril Rifle Club, you must apply to attend an induction course (you can do this by emailing the The induction courses cover range safety and firearms handling. Once you have completed an induction course you can attend the range as a probationary member. If you visit the range a minimum of 12 times within a sixth month period you can apply to become a full member.

If you are not an Isle of Man resident, you may only apply for membership by invitation.

The membership types and costs are shown below.

  Membership Type Fee Description
1 Individual member £150 p.a. A member who has successfully completed a six month probationary membership and been accepted for membership by the commmittee.
2 Probationary member £4 per visit Someone who has applied for membership, this is for a six month period during which time the probationer must attend the range at least 12 times and satisfy the Range Officers that they are safe and can comply with our range orders.
3 Family member £150 p.a. £150 for the first member, £100 for each additional adult member and


£35 for each additional Junior member (who must be between 14 and 17 years of age).  A family group must be living at the same address and each member is required to satisfactorily complete a probationary membership before being accepted as a member.

4 Offshore member £50 p.a. By invitation only. A member not resident in the Isle of Man who is a member of an overseas club and holds the equivalent of a Firearms Certificate in the Jurisdication in which they are resident.
5 Student member £35 p.a. Student Members must be between 14 and 18 and be in full time education

Members must visit the range to shoot at least 6 times in a year in order to be eligible to renew their membership at the end of the year.

Junior members may only shoot under the supervision of an adult Family member who must be a parent or guardian