Newsletter 15/03/2024

It’s fair to say we’ve had some setbacks, some expected and some not.  The building is now up and pending one window going in, is ready for internal work to be done. 

There is still some work to be done to get the 25m range operational, we currently have no firing points and cannot use the range until we add some more sand to the butts. As soon as we can we’ll start using the 25m, albeit with makeshift benches and chairs (as we’ve been doing on the 50m).

The terrible weather has cause several delays and also destroyed the IPSC range; we lost part of the IPSC roof in one storm then in less than a week another storm came along to finished the job. The winds were so bad they managed to shift several containers a few inches. To rub salt in the wound the wind also destroyed the rubber cladding around those bays.

Below are the Committee’s action plans over the following months:


  • To Sand the butts of the 25m to the new profiles and groin boards in place to hold the sand
  • Re-position of the targets to align with the firing points
  • Club house floor and a solution to how to treat the floor
  • Electricity on and lighting installed and install the alarm


  • Armoury finished and alarmed and operational
  • Stud work installed for partitions with doors to the office/ store/ armoury and appropriate wiring installed
  • Doors/gates fitted


  • Empty and remove containers from the 50m to the car park for disposal off / sale
  • IPSC bays needs repairing
  • Remove grey IPSC container and replace with the orange one
  • Stats hut, bunker and grey container to be removed
  • 50m cladding
  • 50m targets

After TT

  • Aiming for competitions to be back up and running
  • The temporary toilets (container) will be used until funds allow for the new toilets to be installed
  • Priority is to get both the ranges operational and members shooting again and to bring back the probationers and encourage new members.
  • Review where we are and what needs to be done next

Naturally we’ll be needing Work Parties to be attended by current members – these are on the first saturday of every month but please keep an eye out on the Facebook group in case we need to do additional ones.

Please keep an eye on the website regarding further announcements.

Probationers: As soon as we can we’ll be inviting you back on to the range via an email so please keep an eye out for that.