CSF(ED) 2018 Championships in Northern Ireland

We have received notification from the Northern Ireland Federation of Shooting Sports that they will host this year’s Commonwealth Shooting Federation Championships (European Division) which will run from September 12th to September 16th.

The CSF(ED)  rules allow larger teams than the IG, meaning that potentially more members could participate if they wish – we are allowed to enter 4 scoring competitors and 2 non-scoring ‘development’ shooters for each event.  Selection rules are slightly more stringent in that in addition to IOM residency team members must hold a passport from a Commonwealth country (although not necessarily the IOM).

The list of events and exact location of the range where it will be held are yet to be published, but we have been asked for an indication of our likely overall team size by the end of April.

Assuming for now a similar range of events to the IG (see earlier Post) please could any member interested in competing in the CSF(ED) Championship sign up on the sheet on the club noticeboard so John and I can come up with an estimate.



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