Minimum visits and membership renewal

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The club will continue to apply it’s minimum visits rule to members wishing to renew their membership at the end of the membership year. However in light of the range closure due to site clearance between July 6th and August 15th the committee have agreed the 6 visits specified in section 7.6 of the club constitution will be pro rated down to 5 visits for this year only.

We anticipate that the membership fee amount will remain unchanged.

Please remember that the timescale in which these 5 visits (‘participation in shooting activities’) must take place is the membership year (AGM-AGM) not the calendar year. We anticipate the AGM will be on or around November 17th. We are now operating the range again for full members shooting at 25m on the 50m range – please see FB or website for opening days.

Following the introduction of the QR codes on current membership cards the ‘visits’ count is now taken from the electronic records produced by the POS terminal when you pay your range fees not from the range log. As such please ensure your card is scanned or your membership number entered by the RO when paying. IPSC shooters please take note this also applies to the IPSC ranges.

Fees fall due for eligible members at the AGM and must be paid within a 1 month grace period after which an application to re-join must be made and Induction Course / probationary period re-served.