Notice of change of Rules

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As per item 10.5 of the constitution that was passed by the membership on 3rd November 2018, The committee informs the membership that from June 17th the target fee of £1 is replaced by a lane fee of the same monetary value (£1)

This will still entitle members to a target and 3 centres, and members are allowed to shoot their own target on club backing boards as the fee is for the lane.

This will apply to ALL Guests, members and probationary members wishing to shoot at the club on a per lane basis.

10.5   The Committee may from time to time make or alter the byelaws of the Club.  Byelaws shall include Membership Rules, Safety Rules, Range Standing Orders and any other rules the Committee may from time to time deem necessary and / or appropriate.  Any such addition or alteration to the byelaws must be laid before the next annual or extraordinary general meeting of the Club for ratification. No byelaw, rule, standing order or other regulation may be made which is inconsistent with this constitution.  Any byelaws made by the Committee shall be published by being exhibited on the Club notice board [and/or on the Club’s intranet], and shall be submitted for confirmation at the next General Meeting.

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