Sunday Feb 18th

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The range continues to be open Sunday mornings, utilising the 50m range from 25m line.

Quick update for those that don’t use FB:

New building shell is up, snagging and Building Inspection sign off outstanding. Windows due in next 10 days so should have a watertight building by end of month. Looking good – come up and check it out!

New dividing wall to replace tyrewall section between 50m and 25m range that was removed to facilitate the construction is being built & about 60% done. Need this to be able to use the 50m range from 50m again.

Work underway to bring 25m range back into use – due to weather and lack of work parties the butts are no longer in spec (too much sand washed away). Repair work being done & 40 tons of sand ordered to reprofile it back into required condition. Once this is done we should be able to start mid week opening again on the 25m.

All the above taking place in parallel. Watch out for work parties coming up!